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Hence why I said encrypted.

The impulse to protect people from themselves is a dangerous one. In the article itself we see that in practice it is used to push inescapable spyware.

"But our spyware is better than their spyware!"

Google says they will protect you. But the truth is they are just concern trolling to shut down marginally worse competitors.

For kids and elderly that can't make decisions on their own it could be default -locked to some entity contractually bound to good ior. Locked with an administrator password. That would be a reasonable compromise.

Google actually released Capillary, which makes E2E encrypted FCM messages easier to implement: https://security.googleblog.com/2018/06/end-to-end-encryptio...

But yeah, if you want to avoid Google's servers, then it's not enough. But in that case, you're probably on Google-free LineageOS anyway right?

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