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Originaly it didn't belong to google, it was an aquisition. I remember seeing a ted talk about it.

To me it constantly feels like I'm working for google for free for their AI projects which is very annoying comparing to help a smaller company OCR books.

Trying to convince a robot that you aren’t a robot by teaching a robot how to look at pictures is a pretty absurd state of the world.

When they reboot the Matrix, instead of being used as batteries, the machines will keep humans around for machine learning test sets.

I think that was the original story for the matrix https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/19817/was-executiv...

Well, it might have been too close to the storyline of Hyperion Cantos (which probably got it from somewhere else).

You aren't working for free. You get access to a website and the publisher gets bot protection. It's a 3 way win-win-win transaction.

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