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Doodle Place (doodle-place.glitch.me)
31 points by cloudmike 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

For anyone wondering what this does: You can click on "create a doodle" to be presented with a blank canvas.

In there, you'll be able to freely draw something, which will then be rigged and animated automatically - there's even different skeletons available, but I've yet to see much of a difference, except for the type of animation.

If anyone has more time to play around with it, and finds out what the purpose of this is (there doesn't have to be one, it's neat honestly) then feel free to tell me :)

Edit: nevermind, this time, when opening I was placed into a queue, and submitted my doodle (which will probably be shown to other participants).

You are shown a wireframe-landscape populated with all kinds of doodles, made by other people (attention, due to the human nature, some of these might be slightly NSFW). I can't really investigate this any further, since it kills my Laptop performance-wise, but it's an interesting little thing.

> This project has received too many requests, please try again later.

This doesn't work at all for me in chrome OSX. I have no idea what it's meant to do either.

same for me. I see a black screen, seems like I can submit a doodle (i have no idea what it means) and that's all, I don't see anything else.

glitch.me is kind of intriguing, but I don't fully understand what kind of applications it's useful for.

I love glitch. I use it for lots of glue pieces in personal applications that I'm just playing around with. I'd say that every piece of code in the past 2 years that isn't related to work has been somehow connected to a glitch project/deployment.

I have no experience with using glitch professionally and actually assume that it's not their target user.

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