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Google has their loss-leader products that exist for the benefit of the online community, but I don't think that this is (necessarily) Yahoo lacking that benevolence.

Let's face it, Google has a lot more capital to back non-profitable products. Yahoo supported Delicious for as long as they could, but ultimately it's hard to justify liabilities like expensive, non-profitable projects to your shareholders.

Google can do it because they've proven that their strategy stuffs the coffers regardless.

Especially when you look at the vast number of unprofitable products they offer. (Pipes and YQL come to mind)

Pipes is a great example, with even more of a niche audience than any of the non-profitable Google products I can think of, aside from maybe Refine.

Who's to say Pipes isn't getting the axe either?

...The slides from the Yahoo meeting that show what products they're axing?

(Yahoo is.)

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