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Stealing works. If the benefit > risk, they should do it.

What an insane argument. Murder, Theft, Deceit, Assault, Terrorism “works” as well. Being a crow in the population of doves has short term benefits to the individual, the crow in this case, but soon more crows will pop up and the societal balance turns into chaos.

I’m sure we need not argue this obvious fact. Are you really condoning that stealing OK if it works? I’m speechless.

>Murder, Theft, Deceit, Assault, Terrorism “works”.

Depending on the context, yes. Murder, for example, if I'm in a remote island and someone is going to kill me and they are weaker than me, then yes murdering them first works, the benefit > risk.

Likewise,in the context of Huawei, stealing works.

Note that I'm not saying the US shouldn't do anything to prevent/retaliate.

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