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My God that page is beautiful. Over half the vertical space is content without me touching anything. No banner bar asking me to install some bullshit mobile app. No 800-pixel panel at the bottom telling me what a cookie is. No incredibly obnoxious warning that I only have one more free article before the wisdom of the ages is lost to me so I'd better cough up five bucks.

It is not bad, but on a regular monitor (1080p) the white space is about 60%. We don't need wide monitors just to use the center 40% of it, we cannot go Notepad style and use 100% width, I would prefer to use about 60%. That makes also the page shorter and requires less vertical scrolling. But this is picking on the page layout, not on the merits of the points in the article, that I mostly agree.

Depends on your setup. On my phone it was perfect. On my desktop the text column is about the size of a sheet of paper, which is again perfect for me. Widescreen monitors are great for filling in your peripheral vision when gaming but it's easier on the eyes to move your fovea 35 degrees of arc for every line instead of 75.

And the font is really lovely. I thought it was San Francisco at first, but it's Inter.

Agreed, and it could be even better if they removed the 'scroll to top' button.

Interesting, it is mostly whitespace for me. Maybe because of my large monitor?

I'm on mobile, and it is indeed impressive in its simplicity and layout.

There is whitespace on the sides, but the vertical space is mostly content. No?

Looks great on my 900x1600 monitor... portrait just like the content I read. Using a tall not wide monitor makes reading more fun than watching movies! Mom would be proud.

Agree. Is it a Jekyll theme or some totally customized template?

Just FYI - I've open sourced this Jekyll theme: https://github.com/bradleytaunt/taunt-jekyll

Cool, thanks a lot for that!

Might be backed by this: https://github.com/bradleytaunt/accssible?

It's just my personal Jekyll theme I custom made. I plan to open source it very soon (I didn't think there was any interest lol)

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