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The point would be to name-and-shame the coder that wrote it

What a terrible thing to do to a new, inexperienced coder.

I don't see any context where it's necessarily a new, inexperienced coder.

Fine, what a terrible thing to do to an experienced coder.

As an industry, we work so hard to build a culture of constructive critique via code reviews, of mentoring up new developers, of constantly improving our skills. We strive not to judge people for their code any more than we would want to be judged for our own.

Naming and shaming coders because they wrote bad code is just uncool, as it fights against the aspects of this work that make it enjoyable, and instead turns it toxic.

If a client has richly rewarded you for your work in good faith, is it not also a terrible thing to deliver a pile of crap? If I pay a developer thousands of dollars and the result is garbage, you can bet I’ll be judging them for it.

If I paid a photographer to take my wedding photos and they did a terrible job, am I a bad person for judging and shaming them to warn others who might be similarly conned? Or is it only developers who get the kid gloves treatment?

delivering bad code when youre paid for a good product is a terrible thing to do

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