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But what does getting a real email address do in that case?

If you watch the presentation or read the transcript, they explicitly say that they're doing fraud/spam account prevention.

Do you really think you're doing more fraud/spam detection and prevention work than apple?

The email is not the relevant part. Apple sign in requires the purchase of an apple device so it's almost guaranteed to not be a bot. However apple cant know (and shouldn't know btw) if the iphone user uses it to sign up and spam various websites.

Apple already has a lot of anti-spam/fraud accounts because they need to prevent iMessage spam (is your forum going to be subject to the same spam account pressure of a system like iMessage or iCloud?)

But also any argument that the makes spam harder to block also applies to Facebook or google logins - I can’t imagine spammers are using real email addresses with those services.

The only people this changes the experience for are actual users. Spammers already have a huge array of options to get “real email addresses”.

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