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Will "Sign in with Apple" be available on non Apple devices? If not how will cross device syncing etc work?

In the presentation they mentioned that it's available for JavaScript, and said that's the way to do Sign in with Apple on web and Android.

Seems like it would be less useful on a non-Apple device though. I don't know about you but my Apple login is a nightmarishly long password and 2FA. Authenticating through FaceID or TouchID is what makes it usable.

What about using a password manager?

Good point. I have an irrational paranoia putting really vital stuff in those, but it would work.

This type of issue is why I use LastPass, and not Apples Password manager. I'm very weary of how this would work on a non-mac device and I definitely use multiple non-mac devices regularly through a given day or week.

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