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All links should be blocked IMHO. If you have something to say (in 280 characters) say it. If you have more to say, I'll find it on your blog.

How will you show me where your blog is?

I was going to make a joke, but actually a good answer to this is that users could just direct people to checkout their blog linked in their bio. This is assuming the person you are responding to didn't mean block all URLs from the site; just from tweets.

Technically it doesn't solve the scam problem though:

"I'm definitely the real Elon Musk. No question about it. Click the link in my bio to get 40 ETH, but you need to send me 20 ETH first so that I can verify things."

It's in your bio

How is "go to my bio for a link" better than just providing the link?

Avoids the slippery slope of those links. I say ban them.

What if I want to link to somebody else's blog? Or a hacker news comment?

Sorry, you're out of luck - if I were in charge ;)

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