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If you want influencers, Mastodon isn't for you. The fediverse is for humans, not celebrities.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do. In order to obtain the critical mass you need for a functioning social network, you need content that a lot of people will want to look at. In this case, that means influencers.

I don't know what your basis is for this assertion, but it's not true in the case of Mastodon. It functions just fine. I don't need some random checkmark bearer on there to enjoy my little corner of the fediverse. The instance I'm on covers its costs with a Patreon. That's true of most I interact with. There is no need for massive scale. Only ad-supported centralized services require that to function.

Not everyone has eating the world as a goal. Lance Ulanoff didn't understand this when he declared Mastodon DOA two years ago because he couldn't find William Shatner, and people continue to make the same mistake. I don't want to follow William Shatner or Lance Ulanoff, so they can stay on Twitter with people who do.

That's for you.

If your goal is to have Mastodon "catch on" and have people transition away from Twitter en masse, then yes, you need William Shatner on Mastodon.

Okay. That's not my goal. I don't who has that as a goal. Is it your goal? Maybe you should talk to Shatner about Mastodon. He's fairly responsive on Twitter.

Even the main Mastodon project instance is funded by a Patreon. I don't think Eugen would complain if he had a few more users, but growth doesn't seem to be the #1 goal. Only the tech press and its target audience seems to care about how fast Mastodon grows. They are free to start a growth-focused instance.

The instance I'm on has 800+ active users. The numbers on closely related instances are probably similar. That's plenty.

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