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A reminder that you don't need to technically link in order to refer to a link, nor even mention the site directly:

"See JSviolin xxxxx"

If anyone gets confused, simply reply "replace violin with synonym starting with f"...

This reminds me of when YouTube banned URLs in comments (I don't think they do anymore), so people started posting pieces of them (like video IDs, the part after watch?v=...) with hints instead: "see video xxxx".

Likewise, I can refer to this page with "see HN 20122583".

The loss of being able to post a link is not good, but in no way does it absolutely stop communication. In fact, it will just cause "euphemisms" to appear, and further exercise human creativity.

That workaround reminds me of phpBB Forums that blocked URLs, so users would spell them like "hxxp://www..."

Speaking of removing links... in Overwatch there is a character called D.va. The Overwatch League twitch chat removes all links, meaning that if you mention her, other users see it as "" instead of "d.va". It's amazing.

I think these euphemisms are healthy. better than posting the entire link. Similar to the @ and # handles.

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