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> Naval can sometimes make things sound grander than they are.

Please share a specific thing. Just curious.

When he was 9 his parents moved to New York and he then attended one of the best schools in the US. Referring to his childhood as "I started as a poor kid in India" ignores that and makes it sounds like his later success has nothing to do with his privileged (but no less well-earned and deserved) education.

> his parents

He said he was raised by a single-mom, so shouldn't that be singular?

She also apparently worked two jobs just to make sure he had an education. In that sense Naval was certainly lucky to have someone that supportive, but from what I have heard about him he was also working every little job on the side he could to make money in his early teens'. So they were poor but they seemed definitely hard working.

Take this "if I can do it, anybody can". If he would be a regular Indian guy, he'd likely be fucked up and could not achieve what he did.

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