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Seems like the issue is having enough cushion so that your lifestyle is well below your means, so you can invest very conservatively without having to worry about your circumstances changing.

Of course, this can be accomplished by either dramatically increasing your assets, or by dramatically decreasing your expenditures.

Good points. In this case, I was attempting to refer to he's concerned he'll get hacked, or a trusted associate w/ access to the money would run off with it.

Did your friend come up with any solutions to the trusted associate issue? Seems like there are two obvious approaches: the carrot (pay your employees well above market rates) or the stick (a literal stick, in the extreme) to encourage loyalty.

But there are presumably other ways to engineer your account permissions so that one or two rogue associates cannot clean you out?

It's kind of like buying a safe. You can always improve the quality of the safe, but you can't always trust the safe is 100% foolproof. The more you have in the safe, the more you worry there's that one thing you didn't think about that prevents someone from walking away with all the money.

You can put your things in many smaller safes, and spread them around a bit!

"Divide your fortune into seven, or even into eight, for many are the mischances of the world." - Proverbs (in the Bible).

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