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By the way, this might seem revolutionary, but there are plenty of societies ( in history) that didn't have rule by Men and an awakening of feminism.

The studies I'm familiar with didn't mention loneliness, but rather the social responsibility.

I have heard this argument before, and think it is extremely overstated. Our current version of feminism has expanded across almost all of the west. Technologies like birth control and economies/technologies that allow for women to be in the workforce at mass scale were simply impossible in the past. It's really an apples to oranges comparison, and is an intellectually dishonest one at that.

please name a few - i am curious to read about these

If you're referring to societies that aren't ruled by men, The Mosuo people are a matriarchy that you may be interested in.


Can you please provide examples. Birth control has only been available for a short period of history, so its not obvious to most of us what societies you are talking about and how their liberation of women actually affected the society.

>Birth control has only been available for a short period of history,

If you are talking about the pill sure, but there are forms of birth control that date to ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, And China. Not to say these methods were effective and the book of Genesis did regress things a little with God slaying Onan for practicing the old pull out method, teaching that procreation is for reproduction only.

They also had some really awful condoms (animal intestine) and spermicides (acidic juices, etc.).

That's a fair critique adding birth control.

But look up Matriarchy. There are lots of shades.

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