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Location: Washington DC metro area Remote: No Willing to relocate: No Technologies: Link analysis tools, basic database skills, basic data visualization and GIS skills

Résumé/CV: Looking for new challenges and opportunities - note, I don’t have a traditional HN dev background, but I suspect more than a few companies on this board intersect with my world...


- Strong background in navigating and managing the US government contracting process from both sides of the table as both a federal manager and a government contractor

- Experience and insight into working with the US National Lab complex

- Demonstrated success in managing globally distributed teams that bring multimillion-dollar projects in on time and on budget with a high degree of quality

- Successfully negotiated security agreements and contracts with dozens of foreign government agencies

- Proven history of building diverse, deeply integrated teams, with diverse skill sets (security, intelligence, science, logistics, engineering, IT, and communications) to design solutions to complex problems in very challenging environments

What I do now:

- Program Director working in a National Security field holding an active Q/TS/SCI w/ poly

- Manage a ~$100M+ annual budget w/ oversight of 150+ FTEs organized into distributed teams working on complex projects in 30+ foreign countries across the globe

- GS15 equivalent with both a policy and program implementation background at senior USG leadership level

Previous work includes: physical and political risk assessments for clients operating in potentially dangerous environments, sub-contractor as a national security subject matter expert for multiple US National Laboratories, sub-contractor for Palantir sub (back when they used to use other companies for forward deployed), research analyst at a policy institute on defense and intelligence topics, other interesting stuff…

Email: JayCeeJobOffers@gmail.com

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