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I don't think people actually use the note though. I don't see anyone having guts to give that note to policemen or government officials in India.

Everyone in India just like the US is scared of the Police and know not to mess with them.

It is easy to see how this would be used in India. I have seen multiple instances of a police officer directing traffic walk up to a motorcycle stopped for cross traffic, reach out and turn off the motorcycle and take the key. When the driver hands over the money the officer hands back the keys. Quick transaction, likely too quick to realize the note was a 0 rupee note. Once saw this happen so close that the officer smiled at me as he took the money right outside my car window.

People in US are scared of the police? I am from India and have been in US for a while now and have never been scared of the cops (unlike my time in India).

Indian cops may take take bribes, but they're unlikely to shoot you at a traffic stop. (Unless you "encounter" them in the wrong place, that is.)


What is while? I lived in the US for a decade and please say Sir to the cop when he stops you and don't mess with them. Even a small incident can send you to the hospital

Yes, although the concept is good I am pretty sure after handing this note the official would demand for more.

Nowadays I have seen threatening with audio/video footage using a smartphone work pretty well.

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