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Lightstream | Chicago | Full-time | ONSITE, REMOTE (US - CA, CO, IL, MI, MO, NE, OH, TN, TX) for strong candidates | Must have authorization to work in the US | https://www.golightstream.com/

We’re building the future of live streaming. We empower streamers on Twitch, Mixer, etc. to be successful with creative tools and analytics. We’ve got a ton of momentum including a $9M Series A, a strategic partnership with Microsoft and acquisition of analytics company https://arsenal.gg

We build with Typescript, React, Node, C++, Kubernetes and great technical operations are critical to our success.

Right now we’re particularly focused on hiring for:

Growth Lead: https://strea.mr/2JsCeMc (Chicago Only)

Site Reliability: https://strea.mr/2vg6wJ8

Web: https://strea.mr/2VjNgZT (Chicago Only)

Video: https://strea.mr/2IDvDhK

All job postings are here: https://strea.mr/2GE4qsY

Interested in us but don’t see what you like? Hit us up at jobs@golightstream.com

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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