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> I'm a software engineer with a diverse background in backend, frontend development.

> How do I find jobs related to tackling global warming and climate change in Europe for an English speaker?

While not directly answering the question, here are some ideas for purchasing, donating, creating new positions, and hiring people that care:

Write more efficient code. Write more efficient compilers. Optimize interpretation and compilation so that the code written by people with domain knowledge who aren't that great at programming who are trying to solve other important problems is more efficient.

Push for PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) that offset energy use. Push for directly sourcing clean energy.

Use services that at least have 100% PPAs for the energy they use: services that run on clean energy sources.

Choose green datacenters.

- [ ] Add the capability for cloud resource schedulers like Kubernetes and Terraform to prefer or require clean energy datacenters.

Choose to work with companies that voluntarily choose to do sustainability reporting.

Work to help develop (and popularize) blockchain solutions that are more energy efficient and that have equal or better security assurances as less efficient chains.

Advocate for clean energy. Donate to NGOs working for our environment and for clean energy.

Invest in clean energy. There are a number of clean energy ETFs, for example. Better energy storage is a good investment.

Push for certified green buildings and datacenters.

- [ ] We should create some sort of a badge and structured data (JSONLD, RDFa, Microdata) for site headers and/or footers that lets consumers know that we're working toward '200% green' so that we can vote with our money.

Do not vote for people who are rolling back regulations that protect our environment. Pay an organization that pays lobbyists to work the system: that's the game.

Help explain why it's both environment-rational and cost-rational to align with national and international environmental sustainability and clean energy objectives.

Argue that we should make external costs internal in order that markets will optimize for what we actually want.

Thermodynamics is part of the physics curriculum for many software engineering and computer science degrees.

There are a number of existing solutions that solve for energy inefficiency due to unreclaimed waste heat.

"Thermodynamics of Computation Wiki" https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18146854

"Why Do Computers Use So Much Energy?" https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18139654

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