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Show HN: Uranus – Memo and Task App (github.com)
74 points by resotto 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 54 comments

I love new note taking and TODO apps, but Docker, Tomcat, Java, Postgres, etc for a minimalist web app? Seems overkill.

Thanks for your reply! So you mean you want more functional one, right?

I think the feedback was, this looks like a very simple (but possibly useful) app, it should not have such heavy dependencies.

Now I understood! Thanks. Yeah, I agree with him, it’s too heavy. I think my recent app doesn’t have any heavy function, so that he might feel that.

What's heavy about any of that? I don't know what Tomcat is, but Docker is just a means of installing and running software in a VM(if host isn't Linux), Java is a perfectly fine language and runtime, and Postgres is a powerful and widely-used database. Any other self-hosted web app would require at least a language runtime and a database.

Contrast it to something like Rust or Go compiled as a single native binary, using sqlite for storage. It's definitely heavy.

Tomcat is a web server. Possibly thrown in as a word to be more verbose when making a point.

To me, size of the image is more important than the number of servers in it.

Thanks for your opinion! Actually, I cared about the size of images but I think I could do more efforts on it! Next time, I’ll try to do so!

I currently use taskwarrior and nextcloud to synchronize task states between computers. This web based solution would help get rid of the synchronization part if it replicated enough of taskwarrior's functionality.

What I use most in taskwarrior is creating, starting, stopping and closing tasks under projects, then I use hooks written in python which read the changes from stdin and post the task changes to jira and slack.

So if this project could support web hooks, I could write a glue service for it to call when new tasks are created or states are changed.

He was actually complaining because your program is not trivial to install, but I love the candidness of your answer.

Thanks! Yup, my app is too plain to install. So I need to reconsider what it should be!

I love the UI! Maybe this would get into the hands of more people if it were just statically hosted html + js (maybe on gh-pages) that stored your todo items in browser local storage?

Thanks for your opinion! Wow, it’s great. I keep your idea into this issue page later!!

Looks cool. You may like https://workflowy.com/

Personally a big fan of Vimflowy, an open source self-hostable version of Workflowy with vim-like controls:


Dev is super pleasant as well :)

I use Dynalist which is also similar to workflowy.

I love Dynalist and I've been using it for the past 3 (?) years or so, I just wish it had Vim controls.

Cool! Notion (https://notion.so) is also similar, I use it personally and at work and it's an awesome product.

Thank you! I didn’t know that! My app is similar to that one >< I need to make representatives function which distinguishes this from that!

Uranus, seriously?

"Don't forget about that important meeting we've got tomorrow"

"Boss, shove it in Uranus"

Those stupid jokes are why we'll have to rename the planet in the future (according to Futurama). It'll be called Urectum. Also a great name for Memo and Task apps.

Thanks for your explaining! I determined to do so!

Could Mianus be worked into this somehow?

- Hey boss, we all set for that meeting in Mianus?

- Sure thing, I’ve got the notes in Uranus.


UR-an-us not ur-ANUS. Although arguably both have potty connotations.

"So, what's our next step here?"

"I'm not sure, let me just look at 'your-anus' for a minute."

"Um, sure ..."

Uranus: for anal rententives

Thanks! Next time, I’ll name better one LOL

> In order to use Uranus, please install Docker in advance

so looks like I've been using it the wrong way all along

Docking Uranus before deploying is wise. All you need to do then is flush and wipe Uranus to minimise your chance of an infection.

Tiny suggestion: GIFs showing someone enter “a”, “b”, and “c” as their tasks tell me that this is more about the system and tech than what it’s like to use it to handle tasks in a real situation. Surely there must be a good example of a real world scenario where moving things around in a hierarchy is useful?

Thanks for your suggestion! I agree with you 100%! I’ll re-upload these gifs as more realistic one!

I fixed it! How about recent ones?

It took me quite some time to install all the dependencies needed to get into Uranus, but once I was in, it was quite pleasant. Are you planning on spending any time making Uranus mobile friendly?

I guess I’m a child

No no, I am too. It just makes me think of that gag in Animaniacs.

Thank you for your opinion! If you can use Uranus as a web service (without any operation like install), are you satisfied with it?

> In order to use Uranus, please install Docker in advance.

Do people forget about the existence of filesystems and that we can literally put texts in a file using your favorite editor?

I assume they're starting small but want to expand it out to web interfaces, syncing and maybe even a mobile app. Text files + git do have limitations when you're on a phone or other mobile device.

My next pet projects might be online apps that work purely via saving state to the Dropbox api. So I don’t need to see your data, and you can see your data anywhere via my apps, or if really stuck as plaintext files on the device(s) you’ve synced to. If syncthing via browser is a thing that’d be cool to. Anyone interested in collaborating?

Thank you for your opinion! Um, indeed we can write text on our favorite editor. So I also need to distinguish Uranus from that.

And also I should think about making mobile friendly Uranus.

Notepad++ plus either Dropbox or Github (if related to a project) is my go to!

You forgot my birthday again. Why don't you stick it in Uranus?

You mean I should implement login function??

He's trying to tell you, in an indirect, humorous way, that the name of your product, when spoken in English and pronounced a certain way, sounds like something other than the name of the planet and mythological god.

His comment has been downvoted according to HN's sense of humor, or lack thereof.

Thanks for your explaining! I understood now. Honestly, I didn’t have any idea to this project but I like names of planets or gods, so I named this as Uranus!

This is such a common joke that it has meta-jokes based on it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0czFnIvKOJY

(That's the "urectum" bit from Futurama)

Aha! Guys above said just this common joke! OK, thanks for your kindness^^

this looks a bit like an overweight but under-featured orgmode. but i might be missing something?

Despite all the dependencies, I really like the clean, simple UI. Very uncluttered, which for a todo app is super important, in my opinion.

Thanks for your opinion! Yeah, I think so too, so that I made Uranus as simple UI memo & task!

To be honest, it is hard not to joke about the name, but I'll not do that. Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your replying! Yup, I need rename this LOL Thanks!

Thank god, I thought HN would bash me for being childish but nice to see I’m not alone...

haha Uranus

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