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Be sure to use limit orders! It feels like the execution price of their market orders can be looser than expected at times.

Doubly true if it's outside market hours. Unlike every other broker Robinhood doesn't (always) warn you when the markets are closed. I've had fills come in dollars off the last trade simply because the market order was placed before or after hours.

Most places I’ve seen won’t allow you to place market orders after hours, only limit orders.

Fidelity let's you do it, they just warn you.

Yes. It's amazing how many people don't know how to use limit orders, though entirely unsurprising since RH is a very beginner friendly platform.

Robinhood also makes it harder to use limit orders than other brokers. I suspect it's because they receive more payment for order flow when it's a market order.

Wow, that's an extremely immoral dark pattern if true.

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