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Announcing the new pricing plan for AWS Config rules (amazon.com)
39 points by brad0 26 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I honestly don't understand how AWS expects folks to take Config seriously when it's missing support for the majority of the AWS services portfolio.


It's incredibly frustrating too, because the Config recorder builds a nice graph of related objects for you (although it would be nice if they added ARN references rather than just IDs) and the Config rules 'marketplace' could be a nice place for vendors to ship a variety of regulatory and standards compliance kits.

We have hundreds of AWS accounts and all but ignore the service in favor of third party, open source and in-house built products with appropriate coverage.

What tools do you find useful?

I won't go into detail for us but there are some good tools on this page - https://asecure.cloud/tools/#Security%20Assessment

What is the benefit of running this instead of using tools like Chef InSpec (https://github.com/inspec/inspec) or Cloud Custodian (https://github.com/cloud-custodian/cloud-custodian)?

This is welcome. I got a rude awakening the first time I turned config rules on when the bill came in, and it kept coming even after they were killed in the UI. I had racked up over $100 in a few months in config bills with the rules being disabled but in an odd state. Thankfully AWS gave us a credit, but I haven't really wanted to mess with them since. I'll give them another look now that the pricing is more in line with a usage model.

>AWS Config helps you assess and maintain compliance over your AWS resource configurations.

Well that's pretty cheeky, calling all us developers asses! ;)

What, that word was "assess"? Oh, never mind.

-The Emily Litella of the Net

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