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Updates to Amazon EKS Version Lifecycle (amazon.com)
24 points by edmorley 26 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

A cadence like this is nice for the k8s developers but goes to show that to run on Kubernetes one needs either (or both!):

- a dedicated engineering budget to keep up with changes and prepare your applications for migration between clusters

- modern infrastructure provisioning and end-end-testing system: something that can build a new cluster and deploy your applications to it without affecting your production users or your developers.

Yes, I was thinking that the benefits of k8s must be huge to invest in this upgrade cycle. That or the upgrade pains must be small.

AWS is very good about avoiding premature deprecation (you can still use simpleDB as far as I know) so for them to have this policy means that k8s deprecation is very prevalent and that customers must be prepared for the move. Because I am sure they spoke to customers.

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