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whiteboard interviewers like to ask dynamic programming, I really don't understand it. I have asked around and have never seen a single programmer used dynamic programming at work once.

Other skills, such as multi-thread programming, debugging skills, get less coverage. Many whiteboard coders who know how to solve dynamic programming on a whiteboard, don't know how to use mutex and semaphore.

I think the whiteboard interview process is broken.

People do use dynamic programming. But, yeah debugging skills should be given more coverage. A lot of people I've seen programming struggle or don't know how to debug code.

sure, I know fast Fourier transform and reinforcement learning use dynamic programming. but those don't represent most people's daily work. checking http://oj.leetcode.com/problems/ , you will see that the problem selection is very biased and academic focused.

it's like recruiting warriors based on gymnastics skills. I think it makes more sense to look for street fighters.

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