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> You should come to my workplace and tell this to actual scientists

I would be happy to do that if your workplace is not too far away and you want to invite me to speak.

> I also object to you saying "better explanation" without defining what that is. What makes something "better"?

The short version of the answer to that is: a superior explanation is one that explains more phenomena with fewer ad hoc assumptions and free parameters. (There are other characteristics of good explanations. For example, they are hard to change without losing their explanatory power. The classic example of a bad explanation that runs afoul of this criterion is Ptolemaic epicycles: why circles? Why not some other shape? It turns out that any shape can actually be used to construct Ptolemaic epicycles because what Ptolemy actually discovered was Fourier analysis, though he didn't realize it at the time.)

The long version of the answer is: read Popper. Or David Deutsch.

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