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If I understand correctly, what you're really advocating isn't ternary vs if/else, but expressive conditionals vs imperative conditionals. A statement that is something vs a statement that does something. Using expressions instead of imperative code that mutates state is a staple of functional programming, and is basically always preferred where possible. In some languages you can do this:

  var1 = if cond {
  } else if cond2 {
  } else {
Which in my opinion is strictly better than using a ternary, if the language supports it.

Yes exactly. I mentioned in another comment that rust allows this, and having used it I think the best of all worlds.

My favorite part is that its easy to add extra statements into the conditional blocks if you want. Doing that with ternaries requires either using the comma operator, repeating the condition on another line or refactoring the whole expression back out into if-else chains. All of those options are bad.

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