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My last job search, I was cold-called by a recruiter who was working with a local bank. Salary range was acceptable, and there were a few factors pressing for finding a job quickly.

Interviews went well, liked the people I met; things looked good. As a condition of the offer, the recruiter told me they needed my current salary. I provided that, and they dropped their offer ~$15,000 below the low end of their range because my income (in another state and a different industry) was lower.

I told them, "that's not how this works. You base your offer on what the work is worth here, not on what I was making in another role."

Walked, and got an offer two weeks later - $30,000 above their original range and no bullshit trying to tie it to my current income.

Did you say that on the phone or email? Did they reach out to you first after two weeks of radio silence? I’m always curious how these negotiations go since I just got off the job market.

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