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Ola Bini: privacy defender, free software developer still in detention in Ecuado
59 points by cobratbq 30 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
Ola Bini, privacy defender, cryptography expert, free software developer, is currently detained as political prisoner in El Inca prison, Ecuador. He was arrested on Thursday afternoon, 2019-04-11.

This is the result of an irregular detention process[1], dubious claims of evidence[2], and by violating his legal rights. Many, including David Kaye - UN Special Rapporteur[3], have concluded that there is no real basis for Ola's detention.

Ola's detention is a threat not only to Ola himself[4], but to research projects, such as OTRv4[5], PET Symposium contributions[6], DECODE EU-funded project[7], free software projects Coy.IM, and everything Ola has done[8], in the past: programming language 'loke', Seph, JesCov, JRuby, JtestR, etc..

    "The case against me is based on the books I've read and the technology I have."
    -- Ola Bini, statements from his imprisonment. ([9])
- Sign the solidarity letter (https://freeolabini.org/en/statement/) There has been quite some coverage by news sites. Groups and communities have posted their opinion. We want to show that individual people care as well!

- FreeOlaBini.org For updates and how to help.

- #FreeOlaBini Concerning Ola Bini's situation, but also broader, given that related events may be tagged as well.

    "I'm being held under the best circumstances and it's still despicable."
    -- Ola Bini, statements from his imprisonment. ([9])
[1] https://goatsing.wordpress.com/2019/04/13/press-release-on-the-detention-of-ola-bini-2/ [2] https://twitter.com/koolfy/status/1118834216589045760 [3] https://twitter.com/davidakaye/status/1117489081397547008 [4] https://twitter.com/MikaelSGB/status/1118221145013145600 [5] https://github.com/otrv4/otrv4 [6] https://petsymposium.org/2018/files/hotpets/7-bini.pdf [7] https://twitter.com/decodeproject [8] https://github.com/olabini [9] https://freeolabini.org/en/statement-from-ola/

Wow, this seems important.

Maybe post a link to a press article leaving the body of the submission empty so that it doesn't go to /ask and it goes to /news instead.

Remember to not editorialize the title. Submit the actual title of the news site as "title".

I don't remember the exact system for submissions but I'm trying to help you as you said that you're new here (and I'm commenting from my phone.)

This is extremely important news. They are detaining him for doing privacy-related software. This should not happen!

This is a good time to review the information at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passenger_name_record

What's the relevance of that?

I remember Ola from his work on jruby in the early jruby days.

It's one method the Five Eyes[0] use to obtain information regarding specific travel plans in the majority of cases. Given the nature and timing of the case I would be surprised if the US didn't use back channels to suggest this arrest by Ecuador, based on knowledge of his upcoming movements.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Eyes

Updates on his situation (more recent on top):

- 2019-04-18: Ola Bini's statement, from arbitrary detention, statement discussed in an article. [10]

- 2019-04-16: Ola's parents are able to visit him in prison, Ola has been getting threats in prison. [11]

- 2019-04-16: Press conference organized for parent and lawyer to give updates concerning Ola's situation.

- 2019-04-16: Ola's detention is full of irregularities, as concluded by his lawyers. [12]

- 2019-04-15: Ola's parents on their way now to Quito, address press in Quito.

- 2019-04-15: Charges against Ola Bini are known, judge orders preventitive detention, Ola's lawyers file appeal.

- 2019-04-14: many news sites, communities and research group find out about Ola's detention. Opinions and statements get published in support. (See FreeOlaBini.org)

- 2019-04-12: Ola has finally been able to speak with lawyers, after being detained for 17 hours.

- 2019-04-12: Friends, colleagues start discovering about his detainment. The statement issued by his employer. First news reports. [13]

- 2019-04-11, 15:20h local time: Ola Bini arrested at Quito airport in Ecuador. (Martin Fowler [14])

- 2019-04-11: First signs of trouble, already identified by Ola himself. [15]

- 2019-04-10: Ola announcing his flight to Japan, which was already known 2 weeks prior. This trip will later be explained as "Ola fleeing Ecuador" after Ola has been detained.

[10] https://twitter.com/freeolabini/status/1118911539707248640 https://apnews.com/fdd20f1e9ea04eb18e11374647b59dd8 [11] https://twitter.com/freeolabini/status/1118211351971811328 https://twitter.com/aosita/status/1118228547213103107 [12] https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2019/04/free-ola-bini [13] https://autonomia.digital/cad/2019/04/12/ola-bini-arrest.htm... https://gizmodo.com/ecuador-arrests-digital-privacy-activist... [14] https://twitter.com/martinfowler/status/1116520916383621121 [15] https://twitter.com/olabini/status/1116341908371062794

Please take any (unintended) violation of the guidelines as my personal mistake. This is one of my first times posting at HN.

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