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Can you tell us which Eastern European country do you live? What are your skills? Thanks!

Was curious myself, based in on his other comments, it's Poland.


This site disagrees with your opinion http://airindex.eea.europa.eu

Does it? I see a large concentration of red dots over Poland, and some over Belgium-France border, all due to coal plants. Then there's UK.

    Poland takes second place with an overall score of
    5.5/10. The carbon dioxide emissions in poland are 
    7.63 tonnes per capita per year, which is higher than
    the winner Turkey. The concentrations of PM2.5 are 22
    µg/m3 which is almost half of Turkey’s concentrations.
    There are 69 deaths attributable to air pollution per
    100,000 capita per year. Poland consists of 30.8% 
    forest area and 38.10% protected terrestrial and 
    marine area. Each year, the citizens of Poland discard 
    304.9 kg of waste per capita.


From your own quote: Poland, second place (over all)

World Atlas has them at #3 https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/cities-with-the-worst-ai...

So...not "dirtiest"

As a third party, I appreciate the links you've provided but you're being pedantic about Poland having to be strictly 'the dirtiest'.

Second after Turkey, which is not in the EU.

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