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Show HN: GitHub Bot to Limit Pull Requests (github.com)
3 points by rschachte 4 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Git-enforcer seems like it addresses a need, but I can't really see a use case for this.

For any creator/organization willing to enable this, stale pull requests will have a good reason. eg it was started by a person who is no longer actively working on the project. Having a few stale PRs isn't a big deal.

Is there a specific reason this was created? Git-enforcer has only 12 total (closed) PRs and the default max open PRs is 10.

Hi there. I was considering adding this to gitenforcer, but just needed a small fix. There was an issue at my company where too many PRs were getting put up and not enough people reviewing.

This is a tenancy of the agile methodology to have some sort of WIP, so we tried it out as an experiment and it greatly improved pushing PRs through to master.

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