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Or just do a quick Google search for a custom resource....


Ignoring the obnoxiousness of “just google it” replies, I would consider having to write a custom lambda function to enable global tables to be well within the realm of “CF doesn’t support it”.

Our experience also shows that custom resources can go into a 3 hour timeout cycle if you don’t handle error cases in your lambda perfectly, making them a sub-par development experience.

Well, if you had an issue with Terraform wouldn't you first look to see if there were already a module for it?

But in the case of "global" tables, they are by definition cross region and CloudFormation stacks are per region.

Looking at the code from the link...

        for region in event['ResourceProperties']['ReplicationGroupList']:
            replication_group.append({ 'RegionName': region})
It is doing stuff across regions.

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