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I have 50 email addresses (idbloc.co)
7 points by albertgoeswoof on April 13, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I also have many email addresses, for similar reason. However, I run all of them on my own computer; messages sent to them cannot be accessed remotely.

I also set up each individual address manually (by editing the /etc/aliases file). If it receives spam, I will remove it, and the server will tell them that address doesn't exists.

I don't really trust Google to do my email, but I do not need to do so; I don't like their email software anyways, so that is why I use a different one.

This makes total sense and there are a lot of people that do this. Unfortunately most people don’t have the time or the skills to do it themselves, https://idbloc.co helps fill that gap for those people

I like the idea. But wouldn’t me passing all my mail through one provider kind of defeat the purpose

Not entirely, it’s a security / convenience trade off:

- if you don’t want to trust anyone, email is a lot of work- you need your own email server and domain, and you can use the catch all option

- if you are willing to trust only google, gmail plus addresses work, but then you lose most of the security and privacy benefits, because it’s trival to deduce your email address

- if you’re willing to trust a 3rd party (in this case idbloc) then that gets you highest level of convenience & security, but you do need to trust idbloc

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