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Lately, I've been thinking to Port my Medium posts to Netlify. Could you please suggest any reason why you specifically mentioned this case ?

Better control and domain ownership. Especially since setting up a static site is super easy with Netlify. Set up a repo in either GitHub and Gitlab and Netlify will take care of the rest. The biggest downside is that it's hard to get exposure. However, it works for me since my site is just a portfolio site.

If you want to go further down this rabbit hole: https://indieweb.org/POSSE

I use Netlify, but one of the issues I've had for CMS is easily uploading pictures like Medium. Are there any solutions to this?

I know in the github integration workflow, you have to manually upload the file and then link it which is kind of a pain if doing multiple images.

Yes, netlify makes an open source CMS (single page app) which works with a bunch of static site generators. You can upload an image, edit the posts, and then the SPA will use github API to upload or edit.


Just migrated our wordpress blog to jekyll + this. So far the content writers aren't super happy but the SEO speed scores are better :)

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