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> “You could not pay me to see this SJW laden white male hating worthless POS movie,” commented one user. “I am sick of this identity politics taking over pop culture. Brie Larson could get hit by a bus and I would not shed a tear.”


Does that review sound like someone who is upset with a movie studio because they created fake outrage, or someone who is upset about a movie's female lead?

Plenty more examples: https://twitter.com/camethedawnxp/status/1097593187621842945

It sounds like someone upset with the politics pushed by the movie since that’s literally what they are complaining about.

How could the reviewers know the "politics pushed by the movie" prior to having seen it? What are the politics pushed by the Captain Marvel movie? Can you point to specific scenes/themes that are "white male hating"?

How could they know the politics pushed by a movie they haven't seen?

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