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Indico – Open source tool for event organization, archival and collaboration (getindico.io)
152 points by SiempreViernes 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments

[Disclaimer: Indico Project Leader here]

There are over > 200 active servers world wide. It's used by many Universities research labs (mostly in High Energy Physics, for historical reasons) but also in organizations such as ESA and the United Nations.

Since we're celebrating the Web's 30th birthday these days, it's worth listing some of the other valuable Open Source projects CERN contributes back to society, such as Invenio, Zenodo and ROOT just to mention a few.

Maybe you could take ROOT back though. I think a lot of grad students would thank you. I know 2007-2011 me would.

(I’m mostly kidding)

It's getting better! But yes, releases before 6.0 are best viewed from a safe distance.

Really excited to see this at the same time Mozilla is expanding open web tooling and with the Internet Archive’s distributed web efforts in full swing.

Thank you!

Thanks! The project has actually been around since 2004 but has somehow remained under the radar outside High Energy Physics. That started changing in the last couple of years.

Congratulations. Awesome.

I periodically help to organize meetups with invited speakers and am looking for a solution that would help me manage communication with all guests + event attendees.

I would like to track - which guests have been confirmed, which have not yet. With whom we have had an pre-event call, etc. Would Indico work for this? Are there better tools?

There is an "invitation" and even a "check-in" feature. You can also tag participants using your own custom fields. So, I'd say that's possible.

We (https://chatbird.io) are trying to solve mainly that - networking between attendees, communication between organizer and attendees before, during and after the event. Happy to talk more about it and to understand your use case, my email is in my profile.

This is amazing, just what we've been looking after to setup for a local communal.

Can this handle multiple organizations in the same installation? (Basically giving user access to organization to handle their own events)

Yes, events are organized in a category tree. You can set permissions with variable degrees of granularity. In your case you could have a category per organization.

Thanks a lot, I'll try that immediately!

If this works, we can contribute with a lot of usability improvements, more payments plugins and Swedish translation.

Wow, that would be great! Feel free to pop by our IRC channel (#indico on Freenode) or forum (https://talk.getindico.io) if you have any questions/suggestions.

Would love to know if anyone is actively using this, especially with some kind of G Suite integration?

No G Suite, but the Linux Plumbers Conference (https://linuxplumbersconf.org/2018/) is making use of it, though with some substantial modifications to make it more mobile friendly. I also wrote (https://lwn.net/Articles/758878/) a review of Indico on LWN for the curious.

Experiments at CERN use it. ATLAS has clocked 260k meetings, whilst CMS had around 130k.

As I mentioned in my reply to OP, > 200 known servers. There's no built-in G-Suite integration, but there's always the possibility that someone will write a plugin for it.

And if anyone is interested in contributing - be it G-Suite related or anything else: Feel free to pass by our IRC channel, #indico on Freenode!

it's just too complicated at the first glance. Too much options.

Would you mind elaborating? What seems complicated to you?

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