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For the longest time my high functioning autism, formerly aspergers. Took a toll on me. I was second guessing every step at work.

Do I say hi, how do I make small talk. What's the appropriate distance for personal space. I wasn't afraid of people. I was afraid of acting outside of neurotically behavior, and causing an uncomfortable work place.

Now I'm at the other end of the spectrum. I take a very honey badger approach to work. Zero shits given at work. This has made it much easier. Not that I don't deliver work, or half ass it. I just put aside any personal attachment.

I did have the aspie burn out before getting into my own routine. Work as above, but social interaction stimuli. Self discovery is key for anyone on the spectrum. For me things like constantly having earbuds, textile I wear, maintaining light (via sunglasses), etc.

One of my biggest pet peeves is noted in the article. Constantly being told I'm not autistic. Just because I don't appear that way doesn't mean I'm not.

Right now my burnout is a sister symptom of the autism. In so much that it not directly caused. But a resulting effect. Where in I'm constantly moving or switching jobs. Because I don't feel stimulated at work, or challenged. The other big item is I don't do politics. Which can be very detrimental.

I still view being on the spectrum as more of a benefit. But it does require a fair amount of self awareness.

Not doing politics is not a mental disorder it's being noble.

I don't like politics, but I have to admit nearly every major human achievement is a political effort.

I think this referred to office politics.

Are you implying offices aren’t involved in significant human achievement?

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