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Show HN: LifeHQ – My Complete Achievement and Productivity System (lifehqapp.com)
8 points by DarkoKolev 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Just to expand from the title. I am building LifeHQ as a solution for everyone that's trying to organize their life, goals and projects with a bunch of paper notebooks, evernote, trello and are all over the place.

These tools are great but being spread out is difficult to stay consistent with all of them and your data is in 3 different places.

Also these tools only do storage and ease of access to your tasks, notes etc. LifeHQ has actual modules that help with productivity that I use on a daily basis while working. I am talking about custom Pomodoro cycles which is my favorite part of the whole app. You can read more about LifeHQ on the blog: https://blog.lifehqapp.com

The get invite button seems to just pulse repeatedly when clicked?

I'm getting the same issue. I waited approx. 2 minutes for it to go through, but it just stays there, pulsing.

Oh apologies. Did you manage to get in eventually?

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