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I like Handbrake but wish it has the functionality of MakeMKV too

You can if you’re on macOS. You can make it to where handbrake can read the Blu-ray.


thanks for this! I love handbrake, and am thankful for makemkv, but read Blu-ray so infrequently that I download a new makemkv each time. this is a fantastic compromise.

Will these libraries continue to work after the 60-day mark?

I’m unsure. I have a paid license for MakeMKV and it hasn’t been an issue for me.

MakeMKV first, then Handbrake after.

I was reading through the Handbrake changelog and noticed it mentioned changes to how blurays are handled on linux... So I tried to rip a bluray and it worked. Hopefully I can survive without MakeMKV now.

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