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This looks great conceptually but the UX on my first run through was awful.

The prominent "Best new music" part had an Earl Sweatshirt album review, so I wanted to listen to it, but you can't click the album title... only the artist name. Then I had to sift through 30+ album covers (no titles... not ordered by release date) to find the one that looked like the one I saw on the previous page (it had a slightly different cover).

You'd think a "new" album would be at the top.

Then I double clicked the first song twice, then realize there is a popup that has a "Play Now" button on a SINGLE click (unlike Spotify or Google Music). I clicked that and it only added it to my "queue", I thought it was downloading for a couple min, but nope I had to click "Play" at the bottom to actually start it.

I went to another album, clicked "Play Now" on a song and it froze with the logo pulsing fullscreen, and I had to restart the app.

This is basic stuff.

I'm getting the same results. I've puzzled with it for 20 minutes and have yet to get sound out of it.

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