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Show HN: Bimble – List and share your favourite places (bimblehq.com)
22 points by rufrudrej 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Created a list, registered to be able to save it, and you put my real name on the list. Click on edit profile; you accept a username - ok - but you don't show it instead of the real name.

Not cool.

Fix that and this might be a really neat idea to easily find new places when traveling.

thanks for lending your eyes to Bimble and having a play around. I hear you with regard to the real name / username concerns. I'll feed that back to the team ASAP!

Curated lists of favorite places. I still think there is a demand for that. Was seriously thinking to build this about 6 years ago, but got distracted by other projects. Good luck!

One of my ideas was to also photo upload and then extract the location(s) from it/them. So I do not have to remember a place, just have a photo of it. Most ppl now have photos of everything they like ;-)

Nicely done!

I just released my own side project that I think could be useful to you and Bimble if you're looking to have a simple FAQ/helpdesk for your visitors.

https://frequently.io if you're interested! I'd love to chat.

There have been many services like this, and this functionality is a part of brands like Yelp. How is this different?

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