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They don't care if you watch it, they care if people in Saudi Arabia watch it.

I’m sure they care more than that. Global opinion matters, especially if it can influence policy makers, particularly citizens in the western developed countries.

>Global opinion matters...

Not so sure about this?

Reality is, MBS can do whatever he wants, global opinion or no global opinion. That's been made pretty clear recently.

I mean really, who's gonna stop him?

Popular uprisings aren’t exactly uncommon in the Middle East.

That's only partially true, in a world so communicated a lot of people are going to contact their friends living in Saudi Arabia and tell them what they think about the film, a lot will see this news on reddit or elsewhere and realize its being censored.

I'm pretty sure a lot more than that one show is censored in Saudi Arabia..

They only care that MBS shouldn't watch it or learns about it and get upset. Everything is low cost enough to make happen for that risk!

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