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> In a way, what Leck has created is a pro-active search engine: it answers twitter users who aren't even aware of their own ignorance.

On the one hand the idea of a reverse search engine is somewhat appealing, on the other hand; it's Clippy for the internet.

""" I see you're trying to deny global warming. Would you like to:

  1. research the available facts and science?

  2. Have an authority figure you trust tell you, you're wrong?

  3. Meet other like-minded singles?

This is the funniest thing I've ever read on HN. - Signed, the guy who wrote the original piece for TR

Thanks. Although I was riffing off a long tradition of geeky humor ripping on clippy.

On a more serious note; a marketing service that put it's customers brands in front of people who didn't yet know that those products were what they were looking for would be an awesome startup from a business perspective and a somewhat creepy one from a human perspective.

Isn't that how a lot of internet advertising works anyway?

e.g. You're talking about medical condition X, therefore I shall try to sell you drug Y even if you don't mention Y or drugs at all in your search terms/blog post/etc. And I don't care if you even knew that drugs for X existed.

Looking at it now, it seems I described Google AdSense fairly well. Although I was thinking more along the lines of something that would insert itself into your social interactions, like Twitter sponsored tweets.

Do you have scientific evidence in 140 or less characters to back that claim up? -Bot

I see you're trying to break the tenets of science. Would you like to: 1. Learn why argument from authority is a fallacy? 2. See a list of 800 peer reviewed papers supporting skeptics? 3. Meet like-(non)-minded members who use stone age reasoning?

everything this bot links to is a fucking Youtube! video. They seem to think all the skeptics are from illiterate ADD iGeneration. I don't have time to sit through a bunch of blipverts.


No, no, no. #3 is supposed to be "Profit!", and not an explanation of how you profit!

Please, let him be creative.

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