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Offtopic-ly, avoid using motion blur to deface private details: in many cases it can be undone. Moderate pixelation is also fairly recoverable when the font is known.

It’s usually best to blank it completely (with a bar of solid color) or to add noise into the distortion.

I may be mistaken, but I think he just blurred it out for the blog post. Within the company, he may actually show the details.

I’m saying he didn’t blur it enough. Someone could take a standard image deconvolution package, give it a good estimate of the point spread function, and probably recover at least the first and last digits of each line.

It’s probably not very important in this case, considering his general openness, but I thought I’d bring it up just to remind people.

I was actually wondering about that - thank you for the specificity of which approach to take instead.

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