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Patents must be abolished.

Recommended reading: https://www.amazon.com/Against-Intellectual-Monopoly-Michele...

And replaced with?

Industrial secrecy doesn't seem like a better system. Perhaps you'd like shorter term patents, or want to fix some other deficit?

In software it is well known that nobody reads patents who does the actual work in the field. Getting rid of them would not have a meaningful downside in the dissemination of information. Most people in the industry agree software patents are bad for the software industry and they should be abolished.

But, if that’s true for software, why isn’t it true for other fields? Simply put: what evidence is there patents are a benefit to society instead of a harm?

We don't have software patents (as such! [lol]) in Europe.

Software is different, in that source and decompilation exist, you can't really keep it secret.

EU has software patents. The same applications that are filed and issued in the US get filed and issued in the EU too.

Also, there is no such thing as a software patent.

But...drug companies...

>And replaced with?

Nothing. Industry secrets is a far better model than giving major corporations access to government power that they can use to crush smaller competition, sometimes for work that they stole from the smaller competition.

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