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Remember twich.me (node.js realtime chat)? Here is the source as promised. (github.com/isaacsu)
62 points by isaacsu on Oct 27, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

This is the source code for the app I've been working on. It was featured in HN awhile back. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1590173

This is the first time I'm open sourcing my code. Please be nice. Any feedback is welcome.

And a twich for the occasion http://twich.me/opensource

Just wondering, but is there a reason you chose not to write this 100% in node?

I wasn't very good at node, and I wanted to get it up and running quickly. So I used node for the message passing and php for serving up the client files and routing the rooms.

I'd put it to technical incompetence more than anything else.

I made a site just like this http://yamr.net to be able to group chat with friends/family/co-workers and not have them install anything (can go to yamr.net/any-room-name)

It's pretty cool seeing your site and what you decided to do differently. I'll be checking out your source later when I have time.

Mine is also built with php/node and I added socket.io so I could take advantage of websockets. I auto-log in users and keep chat history (although right now it only shows the latest 30 messages)

If you're looking to implement any features I have (like chat history) PM me and I'll share how I did it

Thanks for sharing the code on github, I've been pouring over it for a little while now, and I'm inspired to try my own node project.

I see twitch is using php to render views, but I was wondering if anyone has tried any js template engines? I've used jqote (based off of John Resig templating engine, I believe) and it's pretty nice, but I'm curious if anyone else has had experience with any other js templating engines.

I'm using tuxychandru's grasshopper which does templating (an a lot more - it's a full fledged web server) in a relatively nice way. http://github.com/tuxychandru/grasshopper

Another good approach, if you're looking for something that specifically plays well with node, is to look at the modules page on the node.js wiki - it's served me well.


I've created a forum for the twich project


Is there a Twich without node.js for a hosted account drop-in?

did you run the code using a proxy http server? What is the server setup?

No proxy. Just apache running on 80 and node running on 443

I only ask because watching the presentation that Ryan Dahl presented in 2009 ~ http://jsconf.eu/2009/video_nodejs_by_ryan_dahl.html mentions node.js isn't secure enough to use as a webserver for production use yet :)

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