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Two days ago, I read an article on why kids should not interact with screens too much in their early life and I reflected on how that affected me.

I also found that I have no fun in playing games lately. It feels like a chore, a heroin-like distraction, an addiction basically.

So yesterday I decided to ditch my PC in favor of my Linux-only GPU-lacking work notebook.

And now this.

Me 0:1 Irony

I feel the same way but I can’t stop. When I do other things I get bored and find myself thinking about video games. It’s pretty frustrating. I feel pretty shitty about it.

Same. I just kind of reached the climax of boredom in gaming. To be fair, I mainly played CS:GO, LoL, and WoW. Basically games where I could also watch YouTube videos or do other stuff during downtimes in-game (such as death, queueing, wipes)

I am quite safe with still having a gmaing console, since they are much more immersive in a sense that distractions will actually hinder the enjoyment. If I can only either do something productive or play a game, I usually try to be productive.

What's your poison?

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