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I'm a consultant who works with enterprises of all sizes (all sizes that could still be considered "enterprise" sized at least) and I've only encountered one that has used anything serverless, and then only in one production application. And I touch basically every IT application/environment across the entire business.

Now I don't want to say my experience is perfectly indicative of what big companies are doing in general, but I certainly haven't noticed this trend. Even containers are just starting to catch on in the enterprise market, and a lot of enterprise software doesn't currently support containerization.

I was an enterprise consultant, and I'll vouch for your experiences. It's moving in that direction, but it's a few years out of what people think.

Like, hdfs is far more common now. Technology starts at the larger companies, and trickles down over time.

We actually have serverless, that's called cgi scripts. Very stable and proven technology.

But for some reasons, nobody try to use that anymore or even think of it.

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