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Full Hacker News: single page with top 30 articles inlined (fullhn.com)
171 points by vinnyglennon on Oct 3, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 64 comments

Title could be: "single page with [THE FULL ARTICLE TEXT OF] the top 30 stories"

Feature-wise this is great, it's like an auto-inlined Safari reader version of all the articles.

Unfortunately re-publishing other people's work (written article) is generally considered theft or a copyright violation.

HOWEVER, things like safari reader exist, and I believe side-step the copyright issue by not storing or "publishing" the work and just "displaying" it differently to a single viewer. After all the browser is already display its own visual representation of the "text" (html).

So I assume if this was written as a browser plugin, it would be fine, or at least fine-ish? Is that actually true?

What about if it was writen as a Greasemonkey script? Still fine?

What if the "Greasemonkey script" was actually just a regular javascript that was distributed with the "list of links" that then queried the articles from the client and then formatted them "nicely"? I think that might fly but seems grey? Anyone have any (real) experience with this?

What if the client side script also stashed the "formatted" texts in the local storage for offline viewing?

I've had to deal with a copyright issue recently and the answer to questions like this is usually a solid "maybe." E.g. the New York district court recently disagreed with the Ninth Circuit about the "server test" (https://newmedialaw.proskauer.com/2018/03/02/new-york-court-...)

How does Pocket handle this? It has the same feature afterall.

Search engines do it to some extent too when showing snippets. There must be some special provision saying that isn't copyright violation.

Wondering what did the author use here to extract content? edit: its php-redability, project is here https://github.com/mauricesvay/FullHackerNews

Snippets are more likely to be fair use. One of the fair use factor is how much of the original work you use.

Awww man, I expected an Inception now that this hit the front page. At least a hall of mirrors :-(

Reminds me of this classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqgEm8XWXu8

"Oh can we... can we watch ourselves?"

You can even hear the resonant frequencies starting à la Alvin Lucier's "I Am Sitting in a Room".

This is absolutely an incredible piece of Internet History. Thank you for sharing

Does anyone know if 'Virtual' Museums exist that collect pieces of internet art? I feel like this belongs somewhere. I do not mean like Archive.org I mean a curated collection

Thank you for showing me that...Made my night.

Same. I guess the dev added a check just for hnfull.com just in case it got to FP.

Infinite redirects? :)

I don't get it. The actual HN page is a single page with top 30 stories on it. And more usefully information dense.

Scroll down. It has the stories inlined on the page.

I agree though that there's no real reason for it to lose the links to the comments or the vote/comment numbers.

You need an active internet connection to browse HN, so this will be very useful say when commuting in the subway.

I think they mean “single page app”, ie you do not navigate away from the initial resource.

I agree with the sentiment though.

As someone who basically lives by text to speech, this is amazing, thank you so much.

If it is the article text you want, you can just follow a full text RSS feed for HN.

Do you happen to have a link for this?

Other links would be

[1]: http://ftr.fivefilters.org/makefulltextfeed.php?url=https://...

[2]: https://feedex.net/feed/news.ycombinator.com/rss

I suggest reading either of those three feeds on https://inoreader.com/ . If you add the feed there, you will have access to past aggregations since the feed had been submitted.

I am also interested if there is a link for this.

wow that would be super cool.

What tools are you finding to be best?

Best thing I got is an app/chrome plugin a very very kind amazing developer friend built JUST FOR ME that uses wavenet, and I'm eternally grateful.

Is there any thing developers do for you that you wish they wouldn't? I usually try to use the standards when designing websites but everything seem to come from 1980.

Cool! I particularly find the domain blacklist interesting. What prompted you to add the blacklist feature, and what sin did dolphin-emu.org commit to get themselves on it? Unfriendly to scraping, maybe?

What can sites do to avoid getting on the blacklist in the future? Were they non-compliant with some standard, or just too complicated to handle today (but you'll fix it later)?

Also, whoa, this is 5 years old, why is it being submitted now? Might be worth throwing a (2013) on this.

Maintainer here: the folks at dolphin-emu.org politely asked to be removed from the app because content monetization is how they keep their project alive.

> what sin did dolphin-emu.org commit to get themselves on it?

I second this question. The Dolphin team's writeups have gotten a pretty good reception here, from what I've seen, so it seems like a shame for those to get automatically blocked.

Edit: Ninja'd by the maintainer.

I come to HN not just for the links to the articles, but more so for the comments. If you inline the articles, why not snap-shot the comments too?

Something like OP's page, but with a "tl;dr bot" style summary, and the top 5 comments in-lined, would be amazing as a Send-to-Kindle type thing.

I use Instapaper + the Send-to-Kindle feature to read things in bed each evening, and being able to read a summary of HN that day would be amazing.

can you put numbers next to the articles? i like numbers

Reminds me of what I use, http://hckrnews.com/

Nice! Can you make the back button work, please.

That was my first impression, too :) I clicked one headline to see what happens and thought, "cool." Clicked 'back' to return to the title list, and suddenly I'm looking at the HN comments and thinking "what happened?" Took a second for my brain to catch on, like a sort of cognitive shock.

Edit: ya, what hamandcheese said. I guess my tab had been open for a while.

+1, I clicked an article, it loaded (instantly, woo!), then I clicked back which took me all they way back to real HN. I would expect to go back to the top 30 list.


What about you submitting a PR? Seriously these "well have you fixed it yourself??" comments are annoying.

The OP is asking for somrone to do work for them for free... I think asking the OP to do the work themselves is fair

I presume the commenter was asking the author of the project to fix a bug. While the submitter may not have actually been said author, it sure seems like a reasonable request.

And yes, perhaps asking the commenter to contribute is also reasonable, but the tone seems unnecessarily adversarial to me.

Nice I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I'd recommend getting rid of that transparent black bar at the bottom and the buttons could just be arrows < ^ >, and put in the bottom right corner, since you're funnelling the content in the centre.

I find the black bar pretty distracting from the content.

Also a clearer separation between the articles would be great.

Finally if you used page links (#), the browser navigation could support back and forth.

doesn't this completely rip off the authors of the content? it can't be legal

The Ask HN article is formatting weird on Android Chrome, all the text is shoved to the right hand side. Other articles display fine. Cool site

Ditto, desktop Chrome (69).

Nice! 2 cents: cleaner layout. Not sure how, but more text like and less buzzfeed like feel would probably improve legibility big times!

Is this meant to be a joke on Reddit's "new" design? Or just following the same principles?

This is nice for offline viewing, though it would be nice if it loaded comments as well.

Currently I use an iOS app called "Offline Pages" to download the Hacker News frontpage + linked articles + comments before I board a flight.

I made one once, for a job interview. They asked for the top 10 articles with all the comments and the titles translated to two languages. It came out pretty ok.

Pretty neat from an archive standpoint. Have something scrape that page every day and you end up with the top 30 daily results in a easy to read format.

Well, I think is really great if you want to save for offline usage. I didn't find any reliable offline browser for Android yet

I'd love to see a text-only mode for the articles inlined. Would be super helpful in low bandwidth conditions.

This is nice, but what I really want is a short 1-paragraph precis of each story, not the entire text of each story.

Doesn't work well with youtube links.

This will be great for flights! Thanks!

I already have this with regular HN on my vertical monitor! Jokes aside, looks like a nice site.

This hard-crashed Chrome for me. 64-bit, 69.0.3497.100, Windows 10.

On a similar note, why did the Hacker News podcast perish?

Looks great but is it legal?

Yeah, this will not last. Noble effort, but this has copyright infringement written all over it.

Eh, click on the link in the title, this has been submitted multiple times over the last few years to HN. Ain't gone yet...

Haha, it's 5 years old!

You don't get lawyers knocking on your door some preset time after you get started. You get them knocking on your door when you become big enough to be worth their hourly rate.


There is a difference between being negative and being constructive. You might find the down votes are the subtitles between them, this has traditionally been a community of not-trolly, happy go lucky, mostly kind people who are working to build things, not pull them down.

A 2-hour app is better than a 10-second complaint, isn't it?

I think this every time I see one of these posts.

I don’t want to demean their effort and good on them for building. But why am I seeing this on the front page?

Because people that are upvoting it enjoy HN and like to see all the various ways you might formulate its content presentation. Beyond merely altering HN, sites like that become general experiments in content presentation that others can study and learn from. This process of showing HN formulations now spans a decade and tends to change with the times, which again presents value.

That makes sense.

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