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Thanks for the interest folks!

As mhill notes, the inspiration for this was http://redditsnapshot.sweyla.com/ but I decided to go with sliding through hours rather than days due to the lack of data. I quickly realized, though, that even having the last 48 hours or so would be useful to me in order to "catch up" with items that pass too quickly from the front page overnight/etc.

Several people have suggested adding colors or other notifications of "new" items appearing over time, movements up and down, etc, and I'm adding some stuff to track that and will add CSS classes to signify those events.

I'm also planning to upload the code to GitHub once I clean up a horrible tab mismatch disaster that befouled it..

For anyone who cares about such things, it's currently a Ruby based "crawler" that runs once a hour and saves the items into JSON files which the then almost-pure-JavaScript page loads as you use the "selectToUISlider" control built by Filament Group, see http://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/update_jquery_ui_slider_fro...

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