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Show HN: FreshJobs – An aggregator of junior and entry-level jobs (freshjobs.io)
106 points by lukehero 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 31 comments

Some background to this:

The project: Ever been in that catch-22 situation where you need experience to get a job, but you can’t get a job without experience? Or maybe you want to go into a new field, or you just graduated from College or University?

FreshJobs sources all the entry level and junior positions from across the web and puts them in one place. When you click the ‘apply’ button you are taken to the source site to apply. I’m still adding more sources so over time it will grow larger with more jobs across more locations.

Me: I’m on a mission to learn to code by making 6 projects in 6 months (this is 2/6), with my final project being at the end of the year in December. The dream is to live from these projects by that time and help people across the world

The idea: The idea for FreshJobs came when a friend told me a few weeks back after I finished project #1, “hey man, you could probably apply for some junior dev jobs now", so I decided to check the internet out of curiosity to see what there was. I noticed that there was no specific place which had a lot of these types of jobs, so project #2 was decided right there and then.

I truly hope this website can help you find a new job that you love. For those struggling to get a job because they don’t have experience, it will be a true pleasure if you can find a job. If you do find and get a job via FreshJobs, please let me know!

All feedback and bug reports are much appreciated. Go easy on me, I am still a total newbie dev!

Hello FreshJobs creator.

Consider separating concerns to handle HN traffic: https://idiallo.com/blog/handling-1-million-web-request

Thanks for this. Was a good read.

Not working for me atm. Maybe use Cloudflare to cache, quick and easy fix while the post is still hot.

edit: Working now, great job (pi). Would be nice to see some type of filters.

Thank you for the suggestion! I will work on filters for the site. Any particular filters you'd like to see?

Salary, technologies if possible, and job age are all useful.

How do you get job data? Is it a mix between apis and direct website scraping?

>> Is it a mix between apis and direct website scraping?

That's right. I am trying to normalise the data from all the sources so I can generate some useful filters.

Thanks this is fascinating. Do alot of companies (such as indeed) provide APIs for this? I would have thought it goes against their business models.

Also is there any legal concerns for website scaping here?

Indeed do have an API, which I have applied for, but they didn't get back to me yet. Still waiting for a few big job sites to get back to me on using their APIs. Hoping eventually I can get them all!

I've made sure not to crawl any sites that do not allow it, such as LinkedIn for example prohibit it, so I left them alone ;)

Thank you for getting back.

I wanted to build a service to gather and analyse all types of job information and see trends. I would ultimately sell the data, however I don't think it would be possible reading some API T&C's. Just a flaunting idea.

Salary, location, job type/area

Huge need for something like this, but I think the business model here doesn't work. Entry-level employees are a dime a dozen ($0.10/12), but you're asking employers to pay $99 ($99/1) to post a job. In other words, you're asking employers to pay over 1 million percent more to advertise than entry-level employees are worth.

I've been wondering about a service just like this a lot recently, because I recently graduated from nursing school and am looking for an entry-level nursing job. Finding who is hiring new nurses is proving exceedingly difficult, as each employer is on their own schedule and uses their own unique language to describe their new-nurse jobs. ("new-grad", "residency", "training", "TTP", "T2P", etc... while "entry-level" usually has a completely different meaning)

I, and thousands of other new nursing graduates, would gladly pay you $99 each month just to know where the new-nurse jobs are, while the employers wouldn't want to pay you anything. Consider this: compared to the tens of thousands of dollars to get through school and our eagerness to start repaying those loans, another $99 for a few months is no big deal.

I wouldn't feel quite right about charging the job seekers as typically a lot of them are unemployed and thus money can be tight. The incentive for a company here would be cheaper labour so its already a saving for them by having a large pool of potential junior or entry level candidates to advertise to.

Thank you so much for taking the time to give your feedback, I will take it into consideration and see how things work out as time goes on for the site :)

Where you able to find some suitable nursing jobs on the site? If not I will see what I can do to make sure those results are coming onto the site for you and your fellow nurses looking for those jobs.

For most states, no nursing jobs on your site. They're hard to find (none of the aggregators do well) for the reasons I mentioned. Most of us take 6-12 months or more to get our first job and we mostly learn about them through social connections. If you want to know a lot more, send me an email and I can dump everything I know about this on you. Since I was a darn good programmer (and a barely-passable entrepreneur) for over 30 years I'm also glad to share any discussions about how this task might be tackled.

Just sent you an email :)

Not to be confused with https://freshjobs.ch which is a good place to find tech jobs in Switzerland

FreshJobs.io is also listing jobs from Switzerland :)

Typo in the browser title bar: "Jobs for juniors, entry level, interns and fresh garduates"

Nice project, congratulations!

Well spotted and thank you! I have fixed it :)

Bless your soul, lukehero, you are a hero!

On macOS Safari Version 11.1.2 (13605.3.8), I can scroll horizontally (it's cute, I can see all the flags coming) and I can't really search the website. I put in values, hit return, and nothing happens. Works amazingly on Chrome.

Thank you!

My sever has just been upgraded. Can you confirm if you're still having issues or not?

Yeah, it's a compatibility issue. I can scroll to the right of the page, and see white space, with the flags moving.

Pressing enter with either textfield selected doesn't do anything on Safari.

Firefox and Chrome work perfectly fine.

EDIT: I didn't dig deep, but changing the "marquee" width from 3000px to 100vw, fixed it, but made the flags slower.

Thank you soo much for the feedback! Those issues should be fixed now :)

Site doesn't seem to load

There's a typo in the page title:

> Jobs for juniors, entry level, interns and fresh garduates

garduates -> graduates.

Well spotted! Fixed. Thank you :)

I've just upgraded the server :)

Buddy great service you want to provide! fix the loading issue and let have fun :) .

Uh oh, I think traffic is getting too much for my server. Upgrading now!

All jobs? Where? And anyway I get a Bad Gateway error.

504 Gateway Time-out

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